Yikes, that sounds like quite the ordeal. Thanks for sharing.

Regarding COVID, I had an experience in May that makes me a little more nervous than I would normally be. In May, I wrecked my bike again. I hit the road pretty hard, got knocked out, and broke my hand. My lungs felt fine though--for about a week. After a week or so, I started having difficulty breathing and I had pain in my chest. I was worried I had another pneumothorax, so I went to the emergency room. They took x-rays and it turned out I didn't have a pneumothorax, but instead had inflammation around my lungs. The doctor believed that my prior lung problems probably contributed to this. It went away after a week or so, but during that time I was surprised at how much it affected me.

I've since read about how a lot of the COVID problems are a result of lung inflammation and can't help but think we're at a higher risk of complications due to inflammation. Fortunately, I'm still fairly young (at least that's what I tell myself), so I have that going for me.

Sorry you work in the restaurant industry. That's tough. Try to stay safe and let me know if anything changes!

I am a software engineer at Adobe working on the Launch product, primarily focusing on the Launch runtime library and extension development ecosystem.

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