Hey! Sorry I didn’t respond to your comments sooner. I’m glad things are going well three months after the surgery. Hopefully it’s all getting back to normal. I know everyone is different, but I didn’t have debilitating long-lasting effects. I’ve been able to be as active as I ever was and haven’t had a hard time breathing, and I’ve pushed my cycling training as hard as before the surgery too. The only thing I’ve noticed is maybe some strangeness around my sternum area that kind of bothers me when I do certain types of moves like push-ups. Maybe it’s scar tissue or some disturbance of some muscle around there, but it’s no big deal and it’s a rare sensation.

It’s interesting that you’re getting the rubbing sensation three months after surgery. Mine started happening more or less right after the surgery and went away long before three months. Let us all know if it gets better.

And yes, it’s my understanding that pulmonary blebs make it more difficult to breath. I think it’s primarily due to keeping the lungs from fully expanding on an inhale, but I could be wrong.

Keep us informed!

I am a software engineer at Adobe working on the Launch product, primarily focusing on the Launch runtime library and extension development ecosystem.

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